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The Awakener

Dec 28, 2020

The Awakener wishes a Happy New Year to all his fans and makes some predictions about what is going to happen the next few weeks.

Dec 24, 2020

The Awakener wishes Merry Christmas to all his fans and wants to remind them that the fight for America is not over. Everyone on earth is going to know! New Predictions, New Details, and News!

Dec 9, 2020

The Awakener Trifecta discusses all the latest happenings, theories, and makes sure you are well informed about how Joe Biden may never be taking the White House.

Nov 29, 2020

Agent Whittaker and The Awakener get together to talk about how Trump has a path to victory, the Cabal, and debate whether Trump will roll tanks into Canada.

Nov 26, 2020

The Awakener details some news regarding Trump's agenda, voting machines, and how everything that has happened thus far interconnects.