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The Awakener

Feb 20, 2023

The Awakener and his producer, DoubleWide talk about what China could be up to with so much low-tech spying being done in plain sight. There is something up here. Awakener connects the dots in this episode.

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Feb 16, 2023

The Awakener leaves the studio to Double Wide and The Insider to chat about some of the latest news items including the amazing flying balloon show from China, Trudeau stripping us of the ability to communicate freely and much much more.

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Feb 14, 2023

The Awakener and the Insider hit a wide array of topics including, of course the Chinese "weather" balloons that have been "drifting" over North America. 

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Feb 7, 2023

The Awakener take questions from his producer, DoubleWide about recent news of a massive Chinese weather balloon floating all over the Americas. What Putin is really up to and he is working with China. And, of course, America's dumb son, Hunter Biden.

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Feb 1, 2023

The Awakener gives a full understanding of the Hunter Biden investigation and the timeline he predicted over two years ago. Will Hunter Biden bring down the White House?

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