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The Awakener

Feb 1, 2023

The Awakener gives a full understanding of the Hunter Biden investigation and the timeline he predicted over two years ago. Will Hunter Biden bring down the White House?

**This BONUS SHOW was released on the weekend to members of The Awakener Channel. Here is the audio show. The video version is available by subscribing...

Jan 30, 2023

The Awakener and guest inside-source and news watcher through eyes wide open, Matt talk about the liberties lost and how we let it happen during the pandemic (COVID-19). They talk about Biden's latest exposure and how Russia is making moves.

The show starts here and continues with a lot more detail on our patreon site -...

Jan 24, 2023

The all-new video podcast with the Awakener. This week featuring The Insider. Talking about Trudeau will do next to cover his butt. They also dive deep into the discussion they had started on the free podcast about what Russia is up to and how it plays into Hunter Biden being investigated. This and more on this...

Jan 16, 2023

That's right. The Awakener is going to a Patreon-only show so that we can post to a platform that lets us grow instead of shutting us down. GO TO now to sign up for the exclusive, no-holds-barred, fully-uncensored version of the show. Thank you all so much for your support. We seek the...

Nov 28, 2022

The Awakener and Insider get together to discuss all the news. Cryptocurrency, Zelensky, Ukraine, Hunter Biden, and The Freedom Convoy.